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Industry production and electricity from emersion "against"
National bureau of energy released Saturday in July, national power data. Reporter discovery, heavy analysis on July 11, and electricity annulus growth in earlier announced before the pig iron, crude steel, steel and cement industries output data are compared. Full In July, with heavy electricity output data data representation "deviation.
Two data representation
According to the state bureau of energy release news show, in July, the whole society 3896 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in June, the whole society, annulus 3,520 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity growth 10.7%. For 2438 billion kilowatt-hours of heavy industry, and the data in June for 2223 billion kilowatt-hours, annulus growth 9.7%.
And published by the national bureau of statistics, the data in July that macro multiple data are compared. In July, for 5174 tons of crude steel production in June, the data for 5376.6 tons, the measurement data down 3.8% annulus, In July, for 6767 tons of steel production in June for 7143.6 tons of steel production, the measurement data down; annulus In July, for 16492 tons of cement production in June for 17448.3 tons of cement production, and the measurement data down; annulus 5.5% In addition, the natural oil production is rising trend in July, natural oil production for 1722 tons of crude oil production in June, for 1688.3 tons, up by measuring annulus data of 2.0%.
Look from generation to provide data and statistics, July, 3776 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity is generated in June for 3466.6 billion kilowatt-hours, annulus rise 8.9%.
Experts say, theoretically, industry data should be unified with the power consumption data, and should not appear this kind of circumstance, a drop a litre, the current situation and the relevant statistics caliber.
According to the reporter understands, current capacity, the statistical data from different places, bureau of statistics reports. According to expert introduction, power generation, mainly by grid power can be directly obtained due to reflect intuitive and production, intuitive, China federation of electric power enterprises (hereinafter referred to as ") is in the report couplet additionally told reporters in power mainly by the statistical report couplet additionally, and data are reported by local upward, and then integrated statistics.
An electric power industry veteran told reporters in published last year, when many data from electricity and industrial value after the phenomenon, often can be generated by power requirements, finally revealed to the media generated by the state statistics bureau, and the whole social unity issued by the state electricity energy is released in the bureau and synchronization report couplet additionally. The personage inside course of study says, combined with the analysis of asymmetric data again now, do not eliminate the cause of statistics have in the water. A steel industry professionals, said to complete each year in the production and sales of factory task, false data.
Xiamen university, director of the research center of China's energy LinBoJiang are analyzed, the data from July, heavy industry for 2438 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in the country, still occupy a large proportion of the national bureau of statistics, although data in many industries, it may be because of other energy-consuming industries and fill the vacancy up data. LinBoJiang said, according to estimates, in the present stage of development, annual electricity consumption and the ratio of 1:1 for the remains of GDP.
Heavy August to low?
In the situation of economy, economists expect different views. Completed LiXunLei thinks, chief economist of the economic annulus data directly reflect the economic, after three times due to raise deposit reserve ratio of energy conservation and emission reduction, and implementation of excess capacity and structure adjustment of investment restrictions, China's economy is expected to August for the lowest value annulus.
LinBoJiang, said this month of data from the data shows, industry of economic downturn, but still need to see symptom of 2 ~ 3 months of data to determine the economy. SGC, vice President of the institute of energy that first, after malik o p. fuzzy logic of high-speed growth, the investment effect, appear relatively low back the development situation of normal. In the second half, even think malik o p. fuzzy logic appears more months of low power even appeared declining rate parts also belong to normal.
LiXunLei think in August, also can become the YueHuanBi data down low of industry. Based on two aspects LiXunLei judgment, on the one hand, the macroeconomic regulation and control policy may turn, On the other hand industry to the lowest in 2008.
From the present situation, the steel industry, the declining crude steel production is down to historic lows again in 2008, steel inventory continuously may decline, the signs are that signs of the industry. But in xinjiang and infrastructure will pull cement, steel, etc.
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