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China's future market forecast cable

Since the 1990s, the cable industry as city "neural" and "blood" shoulder for professions national economic pillar industries of function, for our growth in the machinery industry after the second position auto industry. But our cable industry production is still only about 15 percent of the cable industry, the huge market and many development space and bare, to be exploited. "11th five-year plan" period, according to the development of national economy in increasing speed, 7-8%, wire and cable industry development speed and the development of national economy, is expected to speed in 8.5%. From on macroscopic throughout China, wire and cable industry is in rapid development growth.
F development is rapid, problems. Especially in the technology of relatively low value-added products in the market low-end wire and cable, JingXiao interacting conditions are quite popular. The personage inside course of study thinks, the product price competition is the root cause of blind investment, overproduction and supply. On one hand, because of low investment threshold, thus causing industry, enterprise within the enterprise "excessive" excessive. These industry production capacity exceeds the market demand, appeared seriously. On the other hand, due to the low threshold "" is not only the industry, and make more and more low concentration of don't have production capacity, quality control and inspection of the necessary means" workshop enterprise "in industry, be counterfeit and shoddy cable, jerry, manufactured products produced by the source, and lower sales price means disrupt the order of market competition, increased competition within the industry.

At present, our cable industry experience for more than 20 years, although has achieved great development, but still not out of the big without strong circle, and the world first-class enterprise are compared. Existing industry parochial and small size, number and scale economy is far from enough, the capacity for independent innovation and product structural contradiction such problems. Although these problems, but our cable industry is facing a new departure opportunity, namely in developing rapidly enhance the core competitiveness of the opportunity.

Along with the economic structure of the world, China constantly changing cable industry also will inevitably face restructuring, shuffle. Especially in recent years, China's economic development, facing the bottleneck of nervous energy power, increasing to state power, making the investment industry into the leap development. In order to implement the central infrastructure construction, stimulating domestic demand, the decision by state grid corporation planning increase investment, speed up the construction pace, 2-3 years to future investment scale will exceed $1 trillion yuan, including rural electric and ZhuWangJia construction and retrofit investment 790 million yuan. Construction scale of 110 kv and above (66) 26 million kilometers, transmission lines 1.35bn kva substation capacity.

Power cable manufacturing industry belongs to the industry, electric equipment, the technical content relatively low threshold into low, the user is mainly by state grid corporation, the market caused numerous equipment supplier pricing power loss, the whole industry after part after rapidly expanding the problems facing materials prices, the growing competition, profit tends to decline, Secondary transmission equipment industry is a relatively minor fluctuations of the industry, involving the high-tech fields, technical barriers, by several big company monopoly. Since China's power industry development prospects, cable manufacturing industries as its industry in the environment of still have good development space.

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