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The fund investment strategy "automation"

As the pace of progress and industrial upgrading will go to invest more simple "automatic" era. Reporter has learned from the southern funds, the company first gourmet quantitative fund product - only in southern strategy fund February 25th in Banks, brokerages public offering.

The fund is hired senior Wall Street investment expert LiuZhiPing quantitative Mr Southern strategy fund managers. The fund has also established quantitative investment group, provide support for the quantitative investment.

According to the understanding of southern strategy, the fund investment strategies include optimal asset allocation, industry configuration and stocks choose three aspects. According to the configuration of the fund, the fund industry development strategy based on the Black - Litterman model "southern quantification model"; industry, In industry, on the basis of the configuration of further use "the stock selection model" quantitative factors, according to the fundamental and value, market liquidity and surface factors for stock selection, comprehensive rating has various potential ability or excess earnings, constructing the advantages of fund shares.

"Compared to the conventional active stock fund, the fund of optimization strategy by using computer to mass data processing, on the market more than 1,600 can only go to undertake a comprehensive study, more in-depth mining investment opportunities, laid the foundation, creating extra income share market diversification of investment subject." Beijing normal university with a master's degree, the American statistical physics at Cornell university, master of business administration degree, the Florida state university physics doctorate calculation of Mr. LiuZhiPing for quantitative investment in China fund investment market confidence.

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