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Mechatronics technology status and development trend

 Modern science and technology unceasing development, which greatly promoted the different disciplines, engineering and technical transformation and revolution. In the field of mechanical engineering, electronic and computer technology due to the rapid development and infiltration of mechanical industry formed the electromechanical integration, machinery industry technical structure, product structure, function and composition, production and management system, great changes have taken place in industrial production by "mechanical electrification" to "the electromechanical integration into the stage of development features.

1 electromechanical integration

Electromechanical integration refers to the main function, the function, the information processing functions and control functions on introducing electronic technology and electronic devices, mechanical design and software combines the floorboard of the system.

Electromechanical integration development has become a new discipline has its system, along with the development of science and technology, but also will be endowed with new contents. But its basic characteristics can be summarized as: electromechanical integration from the viewpoint of system, the comprehensive use of mechanical technology, microelectronics technology, automatic control technology, computer technology and information technology, sensing measurement technology and electronic technology, according to the functions of the system requirements, the reasonable configuration and layout in each function units, muti _ function, high quality, high reliability, low energy consumption on the significance of specific function value, and that the whole system optimization of system engineering. From the function, become a electromechanical systems or electromechanical products. Therefore, "electromechanical integration" cover "technique" and "product" two aspects. Based on the mechatronics technology is the organic integration of technology group, a comprehensive technology, instead of mechanical technology, microelectronics technology and other new technology of simple combination, piecing together. This is the electromechanical integration and mechanical and electric forming in the conceptual machinery electrification fundamental distinction. Mechanical engineering technology by pure technical development, still belongs to the traditional mechanical electric machinery, its main function is still instead and magnified system. But, after the electromechanical integration development, including the microelectronics except some mechanical parts of the original function, also endowed with many new features, such as automatic detection, automatic processing information, automatically records, automatic regulation and control, automatic diagnosis and protection, etc. Namely, the mechtronie product is not only a man's hand and body extension, or one of the senses and the mind is outspread, intelligent and mechanical characteristics of mechatronics in function of electrified essential distinction.

2 the electromechanical integration development

Electromechanical integration development can be divided into three phases: (1) the 1960s used for the first stage, the stage is called the primary stage. In this period, consciously or unconsciously, people using electronic technology to improve the preliminary results of mechanical products performance. Especially in the second world war, war stimulated mechanical products and electronic technology, combined with the combination of military technology, machinery, civil war to the restoration of postwar economy into positive role. Then, the research and development, from the overall look of spontaneous state in. As the development of electronic technology has not reaches a certain level, mechanical technology and electronic technology is impossible to wide and deep development, has developed a product cannot. (2) in the 20th century 70-80 for the second phase, can be called vigorous development stage. During this period, the computer technology, control technology, the communication technology development, for the development of mechatronics technology. Large-scale, vlsi and microcomputer, for electromechanical integration development provides sufficient material base. This period is characterized by a word first mechatronics in Japan is generally accepted, about the late 1980s worldwide have widely acknowledged, Mechatronics technology and product has been tremendous development, All nations began on electromechanical integration technology and products give a lot of attention and support. (3) in the late 1990s, started mechatronics technology to intelligent direction of the new stage, electromechanical integration into the deep development period. On one hand, optical, communication technology, etc, electromechanical integration into microfabrication techniques in mechatronics in work, optic-mechanical integration and microelectromechanical integration of new branch; etc. On the other hand, the modeling of mechatronics system design, analysis and integration method, electromechanical integration system and the development trends are studied. At the same time, artificial intelligence technology, neural network technique and optical fiber technology, etc, the great progress for mechatronics technology development and the wide open. These studies, electromechanical integration to build a solid foundation, and gradually formed a complete system of discipline.

Our from the early 1980s began this research and application. The state council established mechatronics leadership team, and the technology in "863" plan. The "ninth five-year plan and the 2010 when fully considering the development outline on the international development trend of the electromechanical integration technology, and the possible impact of. Many colleges and universities, research institutes, and some large and medium-sized enterprises of the technology development and application, do a lot of work, obtained some achievements. But compared with advanced countries such as Japan, there are still gaps.

3 the development trend of the electromechanical integration

Electromechanical integration is the machinery, electron, optics, control, computer and information science, the overlapping comprehensive development and progress depends on and promote the development of related technologies. The main development direction of mechatronics roughly in the following aspects:

3.1 intelligent

Intelligence is the 21st century mechatronics technology is an important developing direction. Artificial intelligence research in mechatronics, CNC and intelligent robot is one of important applications. What say here "intelligent" is the machine behavior, is on the basis of the theory of control, the absorption of artificial intelligence, operations research, computer science, fuzzy mathematics, psychology, physiology and chaotic dynamics of new thoughts, new methods, make it have judgment reasoning, logical thinking and decision-making, etc, in order to get higher capacity of control targets. Admittedly, make the mechtronie product with a man of intelligence, the same is impossible, is unnecessary. But, with high performance, high speed microprocessors makes the mechtronie product possesses the lower intelligence or partially intelligence, it is entirely possible and necessary.

3.2 modular

Modularity is an important and difficult projects. Because the mechtronie product categories and various manufacturers, research and development with standard interface, electrical machinery, dynamic interface and environment interface of the interface mechtronie product unit is a very complicated but very important thing. As intelligent speed reducer, collection development, in one of the power unit, visual, image processing, identification and distance functions such as the control unit, and various kinds of typical operation can finish the mechanical device, etc. With the standard unit can rapidly develop new products, also can expand the scale of production. In order to achieve the above objectives, also need to develop standards, in order to match the components, unit. Due to the recent conflicts of interest, to develop international or domestic this standard, but can be established through some big enterprises gradually formed. Obviously, the electrical products from the benefits of standardization and serialization of production can be sure, whether the enterprise standard electromechanical unit, or to produce the mechtronie product enterprise, modular will give the electromechanical integration enterprise to bring the beautiful future.

3.3 networked

In the 1990s, the computer technology, network technology is the outstanding achievements. Network technology and the rapid development of science and technology, to industrial production, politics, military affairs, education and daily life has brought great changes. Various network will the global economy, production, a competition between enterprises and globalization. Electromechanical integration of new product development, as long as it once unique function and reliable quality, will soon be sold worldwide. Due to the popularization of the Internet, network based remote control and monitoring of technology, and remote control terminal equipment itself is the mechtronie product. The fieldbus and LAN technology applied to electrical appliances networking has become a half, use the family network (homenet) will all sorts of household appliances connected to a computer for center of computer integrated system (computerintegratedappliancesystem appliance, CIAS), can make people stay at home can share various high technology brings convenience and happiness. Therefore, the mechtronie product will undoubtedly towards network development.

3.4 miniaturization

Miniaturization emerged in the late 1980s, refers to the micro machine and mechatronics microcosmic development trend. Foreign called microelectromechanical system (MEMS), referring to the geometry size does not exceed 1cm3 mechtronie product, and to microns, nanoscale development. Microelectromechanical integration products, small size, low energy consumption, sports, flexible in biological and medical treatment, military, information has incomparable advantage. The development of integration system bottlenecks in micro mechanical technology. Microelectromechanical integration products processing using fine processing technology, i.e., it includes ultra-precision technology lithography techniques and etching technique.

3.5 environmental protection

For people living in developed industry brought tremendous changes. On one hand, rich, and life comfortable. On the other hand, resources and ecological environment is polluted. So, people appeal to protect environment, return to natural resources. In the concept of green products under the voice, green is the trend of times. Green products in its design, manufacture, use and destruction of the life process, specific environmental protection and human health, environmentally-friendly or harm extremely rare, resource utilization. Design of green mechtronie product, has broad prospects for development. The mechtronie product mainly refers to the green, when using, polluting the environment, can be recycled disposed.

3.6 systematic

Systematic characteristics of system structure is one of the open and further patterned bus structure. System can be flexible configuration, arbitrary combination, and seek to fulfill capture system coordinated control and comprehensive management. The performance of communication function is greatly enhanced. Generally, except RS232 communication interface RS485 intellectualized. The future of the electromechanical products and people pay more attention to the relationship between the personification of the electromechanical integration, has two meanings: one is to give the mechtronie product of human intelligence, emotion and humanity, etc, is becoming more and more important, especially for household robot, its top state is man-machine integration, Another layer is the biological mechanism, imitation developed all sorts of electromechanical products. In fact, many of the electromechanical products are inspired by animals and developed.

To sum up, electromechanical integration appear not isolated, it is the crystallization of many science and technology development, and is the social productive forces development request and product. Of course, and electromechanical integration related technologies and many, and with the development of science and technology, all sorts of technology integration trend will become more and more obvious, electromechanical integration technology development foreground will be more light.

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